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Delight in the flavors of the seasons! Our rotating monthly chocolate truffle collections are designed to offer you the best of the holidays and seasons, and these collections are only available for purchase during the month they are offered.

All Dear Coco premium artisan chocolate truffles are dairy free, gluten free, vegan, certified kosher pareve and 100% handcrafted in small batches with no corn syrup, trans fats or preservatives. Always fresh. Always delicious.

Now available:
July's Summer Truffles Collection

You know you totally owe her. This delightful botanical assortment will keep your mom, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister or momtastic friend in chocolate heaven long after Mother's Day.

Arrives beautifully gift boxed with the following individually packaged products and hand-tied ribbon:
Mother's Day Truffles Collection - a bouquet of Provence Lavender and Persian Carpet Ride dark chocolate truffles (12 pcs)
Virginia Peanut Caramel Turtles - layers of PB caramel and salted caramel in dark chocolate, topped with roasted peanut & sea salt (4 pcs)
Garden Mint Meltaways - a cool blend of spearmint & peppermint refresh a melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate canvas (4 pcs)
Massachusetts Superfood Chocolate Bar - featuring chewy cranberries & wild blueberries with delicate pops of chia seeds
Summer Garden Chocolate Pop - with dried strawberries & raspberries and candied mint

Don't forget a free gift tag handwritten with your personal message to make your gift even more special - available at checkout. Homemade drawing and hugs not included.

100% handcrafted premium dark chocolates. All natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, certified kosher pareve and freshly made in small batches with no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, preservatives or food colors.

Contains soy and peanuts. May contain tree nuts.

(Note: equivalent substitutions may be made for out of stock items.)

  • Aussie Warm Ginger = spicy sweet ginger + dark chocolate + crystallized ginger

  • Murray River Salt = dark chocolate + pink Murray River salt flakes

  • Saigon Fireball = Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon  + dark chocolate + chili powder + cayenne pepper + natural cocoa

  • Paraguay Passion Fruit = passion fruit + dark chocolate + organic hibiscus flowers

  • Marrakesh Apricot Anise = orange blossom water + anise + dark chocolate + dried apricot

  • Tafraout Almond = almond + dark chocolate + toasted almonds

  • Seville Orange = pure orange oil + dark chocolate + handmade candied orange peel

  • Canadian Maple = pure grade A maple syrup + dark chocolate + raw sugar

  • Provence Lavender = lavender oil + dark chocolate + dried lavender flower buds

  • Persian Carpet Ride = natural rosewater + dark chocolate + roasted pistachio

  • Modena Balsamic = aged Italian balsamic vinegar + dark chocolate + crushed toasted pecans

  • Burmese Sesame = toasted sesame oil + dark chocolate + roasted black and white sesame seeds

  • Maine Wild Blueberry = blueberries + dark chocolate + wild dried blueberry

  • Washington Red Raspberry = raspberries + dark chocolate + pure red raspberry powder

  • Montego Bay Rum Raisin = Jamaican rum + dark chocolate +  plump dark raisin (contains no alcohol)

  • Kingston Coconut Jerk = Jamaican jerk seasoning + dark chocolate + toasted coconut

  • Mediterranean Pomegranate = pomegranate + dark chocolate + pure pomegranate powder

  • Argentine Honey = honey (vegan) + dark chocolate + handmade vegan honeycomb candy

  • Earl Grey = bergamot oil + dark chocolate + organic earl grey tea leaves

  • English Toffee = toffee + dark chocolate + crushed roasted almonds

  • Illinois Pumpkin = pumpkin + warm autumn spices + dark chocolate + roasted pumpkin seed

  • Massachusetts Cranberry = tangy cranberry + dark chocolate + dried sweetened cranberry

  • Grodno Gelt = dark chocolate + orange + cardamom sugar

  • Jerusalem Sufganiot = dark chocolate + dried cherry + pure cane sugar

  • Bavarian Gingerbread = dark chocolate + molasses + ginger + cinnamon + clove + ginger sugar

  • Austrian Linzer Torte = dark chocolate + hazelnuts + cinnamon + clove + pure raspberry powder