The transition from pastry chef to chocolatier is not a unique one, except when an entire culinary career has been based exclusively on dairy free, gluten free and strictly kosher sweets. Such has been the journey for Rachelle Dalva Ferneau, a California native and self-taught pastry chef and chocolatier, and it continues to be an exciting adventure.

Beginning in 2007 with the founding of her boutique bakery, Eden Cake, Rachelle has been indulging restaurants, caterers, political agencies, embassies and a multitude of private and business clients with her unsurpassed handcrafted desserts and sweet treats.
Dear Coco Chocolate was created from and is the perfect integration of Rachelle's obsession with chocolate,her lifelong passions for art and travel and her commitment to eco-friendliness. With Dear Coco, Rachelle blends artistry, flavor and the science of chocolate and maintains an unwavering commitment to superior artisanal original-recipe chocolates and clean, ethical ingredients.

“For me, chocolate is the most challenging and rewarding medium in pastry. It offers endless learning and creative opportunities and is absolutely my true passion."

All Dear Coco Chocolates are crafted by hand from premium fair trade Belgian dark chocolate, exotic salts, fine herbs, teas, coffees, fruits, flowers, roasted nuts and seeds, and spices from around the world, with no corn syrup, trans fats, preservatives or food colors. We use chocolates of 60% to 65% cacao, which is the range of intensity that balances the global flavors beautifully and without bitterness. Each luscious chocolate is meant to evoke the spirit and flavor of the locale which inspired it, as well as take you on a delightful sensory journey of your own.

Over the years Dear Coco has expanded its offerings from the original 38 flavors of Truffles to include Toffee Chocolate Bars, Artisan Chocolate Tiles, Hot Chocolate Spoons, Giant Chocolate Bars with more creative confections constantly in the works. While the quality of Dear Coco's ingredients elevates its chocolates to gourmet status, the exciting flavor combinations and attention to detail are what set these confections apart. Rachelle creates innovative and evocative yet approachable flavors, such as Puebla Hot Chocolate, English Toffee and Modena Balsamic truffles, sweet curry (Madras) and baklava (Istanbul) flavored Toffee Chocolate Bars, and the Salts of the Earth Artisan Chocolate Tiles Collection.

Dear Coco has developed a passionate and loyal following with chocolates available at selected specialty retailers from coast to coast. Experience the difference that premium ingredients, expertise, creativity and meticulous, loving care can make. Travel the world with Dear Coco and be transported by chocolate.

Want to learn more about our clean and green business? Visit our Eco Dear Coco page.