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It’s always been about premier non-dairy, from-scratch, upscale desserts for Rachelle Dalva Ferneau, the California native pastry chef who founded Eden Cake, a boutique bakery in Washington, D.C. in 2007. Several Washington, D.C. area and Baltimore caterers and party planners, as well as a multitude of private and business clients – including The Pomegranate Bistro, political agencies and embassies – have enjoyed Rachelle’s handcrafted desserts and sweet treats.

Always experimenting, Rachelle began working with chocolate as part of her pastry repertoire. Her interest in the medium of chocolate grew as she paired deep, smooth dark chocolate with a range of interesting flavors, inspired by her love of global cuisines and travel. As each experiment was met with successive delicious results, Rachelle became increasingly impressed with the versatility of chocolate and its ability to seamlessly complement and be complemented by other flavors. The chocolate journey had begun, and her clients begged for more.

Thus the line of Dear Coco Chocolate truffles was born, made with premium Belgian chocolates and flavored with globally inspired ingredients: fine herbs, teas, coffee, fruits, flowers, fresh roasted nuts and spices from around the world. The chocolates we use vary from 60% to 65% cacao, which is the range of intensity that brings out the best of the global flavors without overpowering them or being too bitter. Each luscious truffle is meant to evoke the spirit and flavor of the global locale which inspired it, as well as take you on a delightful sensory journey of your own.

Our truffles are 100% handcrafted, from our molding (shaping of truffle fillings) to our enrobing (covering the truffle fillings with premium Belgian tempered chocolate) to our careful packaging. We create our chocolates in small batches to ensure optimal freshness, and use no corn syrup, no trans fats, and no preservatives. Our chocolates are completely dairy-free, naturally gluten-free, vegan friendly (the only animal product we use is honey), and are certified kosher pareve.

Experience the difference that premium ingredients, expertise, creativity and meticulous, loving care can make. Travel the world with Dear Coco and be transported by chocolate.

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